Throat of the Mountain

by Mire

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Throat Of The Mountain's inspiration lies within some very personal places, but put simply, it can be summed up as grief. Losing someone you love dearly is a viciously painful experience, and something that many of us know well. It's difficult to cope with, and changes lives forever. However grief can be easier to cope with, if you stop believing those that you've lost to be gone, and start to see them as alive in another way, resting forever.

All turbulent journeys must come to an end. But those that undergo them, do not have to vanish entirely. This is what inspired Throat Of The Mountain.



released October 3, 2014

Music written and produced by John Morley
Lyrics and vocals written and performed by Scott Elliott

Special thanks to:
Adele Casey - For supplying me with a slightly improvised yet beautiful, Old-English name to use for the title track and for giving regular feedback on Mire's music.

Alasdair Dunn - For creating the logo and going on to update it to the current version, as well as giving regular and incredibly detailed feedback on Mire's music.

Christopher Galloway - For giving regular feedback on Mire's music, and for showing interest in the progression of Mire's sound.

The album artwork was taken by John Morley, by the side of Loch Assynt in Scotland, depicting the ruined yet beautiful Ardvreck Castle. So cheers to Scotland in general for having that available to shoot!



all rights reserved


Mire Manchester, UK

Welcome to Mire's Bandcamp profile.

Mire started in 2012 as a one man project, designed to create and distribute an atmospheric and melodic style of black metal. Since then, Mire has only gotten better, and through experience, has created a slightly more unique sound that fully utilises a guitar's capability to make something sound almost ethereal.

To all that listen, it is appreciated greatly.
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Track Name: River of Time
Upon the grass I lie, staring at the starlit sky,
Alone, I wandered here, to escape the mocking face of time.
But my efforts were in vain I found, as night gave way to day,
And soon I shall abandon the lovely meadow in which I lay.

I think back on days long passed,
On friendships gone and love that didn't last.
Theman I was back then has died, his thoughts no longer mine,
A persona that was lost in the endless river of time
Track Name: Mvntumþrotu (Throat of the Mountain)
Just beneath the sighing of the wind, I can hear my ragged breaths,
And there is a chill so strong that it numbs my very soul.
I have journeyed for years like this, giving no voice to my grief,
The dark thoughts inside, my only company.

Up the throat of the mountain, I climb, trying to reach the peak,
But my arms are tired and numb, destined to fail me.
A scream echoes forth and ice falls from above.
It threatens to crush me 'neath the weight of unconquered grief.

But somewhere inside I found a strength I'd thought had died,
And I managed to endure this wretched snowfall.
With newfound calm I clamber on, ignoring aching arms.
With all my mightI journey on, desperate to see the light.

At the peak, I sit and rest, for my journey is done.
Now I see, for myself, the majesty of the sun.